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Breakfast meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Natural Resources & the Environment the Honorable Gaspar Vega and AREBB Board of Directors

Monday, May 19, 2008

Was held on Monday, May 19th  2008 at the RadissonFort George Hotel. S


Several issues relating to the real estate industry.

Transfer of land titles - the decision to place a moratorium on the transfer of titles resulted from the mass transfers which took place just 2 – 3 months before the general elections in February 7, 2008. Preliminary review shows that land was being discriminately transferred and the process of transfers were usurped. This practice in the past has led to a costly settlement by the Ministry and Government of Belize. The transfers in question are for the period 2003 to present where crown lands are involved. The Minister advised that this situation should be eased by the end of June, but if there are delays on legitimate transfers, this can be brought to the attention of the Commissioner or the Minister in the Ministry for resolution.  

Real Estate Bill - The Board updated the Ministry on the history of the Bill and the Association. It was noted that there are mutual benefits to the Ministry and Real Estate industry upon the passing of the Bill, including the regularization of the transfer process. The Minister advised that he supports the idea of legislation and that this issue will be addressed, however at this time the bill is on temporary hold, until the department is equipped with the right management team, and the internal process is improved.

Workshop MNRE  

AREBB will invite the Ministry’s Management Team to a workshop to understand the needs and role of the public sector and the role and needs of the private sector. This workshop would serve as a platform to have each department head advise on the role and purpose of each of the departments within the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. 

The meeting was successful for both parties, and future meetings will be held.